A successful business needed help understanding just how successful they were.

The Ask

Nulastin had everything going for it—except a firm grasp of the numbers. They turned to Solid Ratio for help cleaning up their bookkeeping.

The Work

  • Solid Ratio discovered a $10 million dollar business that needed financial help from the ground up. 
  • We began with detailed forensic accounting, cleaning up prior messes and working to understand vague numbers.
  • Solid Ratio leaned in as a CFO and advisor, collaborating closely with founders and working across the organization to deliver a solid financial infrastructure.
  • For the salary of a single accountant, Solid Ratio provided a full suite of financial support that left Nulastin in a place where they could continue to grow.

The Result

Nulastin got a handle on prior bookkeeping and Solid Ratio helped them institute a financial plan that had the company ready for exponential growth

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