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  • Integral and trusted partners who are hyper focused on the financial side of your business

  • A cohesive Business Strategy and Financial Model, with experienced support for everything from mundane data entry to CFO level strategic guidance

  • Improved decision-making capabilities from clearly understanding how actions impact your financials and cash flow

  • A regularly available sounding board to help you with those tough business decisions

  • Improved accuracy, quality and timeliness of financial information

Cash Flow Optimization & Management
  • Free up cash through a focus on Working Capital Optimization

  • Build a Cash Management Culture​

  • Strategize your spending to Maximize Opportunities

  • Predict your future cash needs to better manage your business

  • Never be blindsided by a cash crisis

Planning & Analysis
  • Translate your vision into a customized and adjustable Financial Model for budgeting, forecasting and day-to-day decision making

  • Develop the tools that enable you to analyze various scenarios, understand their effects, and plan for your business's future

  • Integrate your income statement, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts

  • Set clear, actionable, attainable and measurable goals for your team and staff

  • Get monthly reviews and analysis of your Financial Statements

Strategic Implementation & Ongoing Support
  • Customize your Dashboards and Reports to focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all aspects of your business

  • Understand your customer acquisition cost and lifetime values

  • Select, implement and optimize an ERP Solution into your daily operations

  • Clearly communicate with Board Members and Investors

  • Equity & Debt Capital Fundraising guidance and Support

Controller & Bookkeeping Services
  • Project-based Accounting Expertise for startup, small and medium-sized business

  • Establish and manage a smoothly running accounting department responsible for preparation of accurate, useful and timely financial reports 

  • Lead or support all your daily accounting activities including A/P, A/R, payroll, inventory management, billing, credit and collections

  • Coordination with outside vendors (banks, leasing companies, insurance, CPAs, etc.)

  • Mentoring and coaching for your current accounting department.  Provide training on best practices where needed

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