A brand’s new owners sought a temporary CFO to lay the foundations for success.

The Ask

Wellness Naturals was an established business with an international presence, but the new leadership needed help taking the company to the next level.

The Work

  • Solid Ratio came in as an advisor and CFO, focused on building a solid financial infrastructure upon which to grow.
  • We helped Wellness Naturals find and implement the right enterprise resource planning tool for the organization. 
  • We also sourced and hired an outstanding internal team, preparing to eventually hand off the work.
  • After establishing effective financial teams in structures, Solid Ratio continued to work closely with the top levels of the company and were able to step back in immediately when called upon.

The Result

Wellness Naturals was not only able to weather a complicated transition, they came out of it with the financial team, tools, and momentum to find even greater success.

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